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Our staffs are well experienced and knowledge in providing excellent coaching for arts and science students.
We take classes for arts and science students for all subjects.


We at JDS Tuition Center teaching full time and part time students with very low cost and high knowledge.
We cover all the syllabus and giving extra care during their exam times.
We have rich experience in teaching arts and science students.


In order to tackle those critical learning issues we JDS Tuition Center are giving excellent coaching for 10th 12th students.
We well understand the anxiety of a student;
hence provide him/her with personalized guidance, support and counselling.


JDS Tuition offers music classes for Students.
We focus upon providing instrument classes for the following.
Guitar, Keyboard, Violin.

Welcome to JDS Tuition Center

Welcome to JDS Tuition centre. You have come to the site where you can avail the benefits of learning mathematics. Excellent Coaching for school students and college students of different boards from primary to higher secondary students, under graduate students and for engineering students. The website is designed specifically to address the problems of those people who face considerable amount of difficulties in learning mathematics.In order to tackle those critical learning issues connected with maths this website has been conceived and evolved to cater to the requirements of learners in an apt and appropriate manner. Home Tuition is also Provided.

We are taking care of Maths, Physics, Chemistry for School, College & Polytechnic,State board,CBSC ,and IV , V , VI, VII, VIII, tuitions. Our Class Teacher, R.ARUN KUMAR M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Phil,Ph.D,.A.SUDHAGAR M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Phil.,Ph.D.,V.POONGUZHALI, M.Sc., M.Phil.,Ph.D.

The Institute has produced wonderful results , has made its presence felt in every corner of Chennai only due to blessings of the almighty, proper planning at the institute, sharp implementation of the planning, taking timely feedback from the students regarding their level of satisfaction at the institute & follow up action to plug the short coming pointed out by the students from time to time.


JDS Tuition Centre for Maths, Physics, Chemistry for School, College and Polytechnic

JDS School of Arts for Professional Drawing Methods and Techniques

JDS School of Music for Keyboard and Violin Classes Grade Exams Facilitated

JDS Coaching Centre for NATA for Archetecture(B.Arch)


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